Wattle & Daub: Craft, Conservation & Wiltshire Case Study
3.6 Daub
4.1 Soils
4.1.3 Strength
4.2 Dung
4.2.2 Lignin
4.2.3 Urine
4.3 Fibre
5.4.2 Renewal

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4.2.5 The Role of Dung

This brief review suggests that the small proportion of lignin present in cow dung may represent a beneficial additive to a daub. Unfortunately, it was not possible to establish the benefit conclusively through a literature review due to the complexity of this multi-discipline topic. However, the process has served to demonstrate its suitability for further research.

Until the interaction of cow dung and soil is scientifically characterised, it would be prudent to include dung in conservation work due to the evident durability of historic daubs that incorporate it.